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2014 – Cutting and Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an age-old art in traditional Chinese culture. In Chinese 书法 “shufa”, it literally translates to “the art of drawing”.
The art that makes letters sing with ink.
Cutting or the art of balancing and proportioning paper is highly valued because of its low cost and artistic quality of the work. As a reflection of its philosophical origins, paper-cutting is an art form that is as complete as it is attractive. Moreover, it conveys the nature and essence of traditional culture through a unique symbolism.
Paper-cutting is still one of the most popular traditional arts in China. It is intended to be decorative, not as a stand-alone work of art, but they are now considered a kind of art by paper-cutting enthusiasts around the world. 
Since paper cutouts were designed as decorations to embellish an otherwise inexpressive window, door panel, or other surface, it is important that the balance and proportion of the design be appropriate for the space it would occupy.