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_Heidi Melano_

Heidi Melano was an unassuming woman and a talented artist who dedicated her life to an ancient art form – mosaics. From the 1970s, after having produced several artworks in her youth, Heidi worked for years alongside her husband Lino and devoted herself to great artists such as Fernand Leger and Marc Chagall. Heidi also produced her own art, working alone, right to the end of her life.

Heidi gradually detached herself from creations that she had previously made, such as the portraits with Nadia Léger and the biblical figures of Chagall, to allow her own imagination and inspiration to run free.

She explored different techniques and different media. She revealed the range of her talent and creativity from abstract works to imposing sculptures. 

Portraits Nadia Léger

Les façades du musée Léger

Collaboration avec M.Chagall