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2015 – Long Live Love ! show

Design and production of a visual and sound show desired and conceived as a journey through passion and the senses. A true hymn to love through the glorious radiance of the rose, the universal symbol of love. Music, song and art all come together for a joyous journey to the very heart of love and emotions. The intermingling of this trio of arts, the creation of a palette of colours, sounds and emotions, together celebrate the various faces of love, from East to West.

Saint-Paul de Vence, France.

So what is love ? “It is the height of madness and wisdom” Edgar MORIN “Love, poetry, wisdom”

This show takes us on a real journey through the senses, a journey where music, song and painting intermingle to give us a palette of colours, sounds and emotions, around the theme of love, sung and interpreted in its different forms, from East to West.

Artist : J.F. Gaulthier Music : Reine Grace Oth, Soprano Christine Bair Piano : Georges Ferraro : guitar


  • Love makes us all dream, it gives us wings, a sense of fulfilment and allows us to transcend ourselves. It is the first part of the musical programme which depicts the romantic love that makes us dream.

  • But love can also inflict the worst kind of suffering and lead us to our downfall. Hasn’t it ever happened that we «die of love» ? Literature, music or opera (Puccini…..), sublimate impossible love, because sometimes love ends in a real tragedy : one of two lovers sacrificing himself for love. This second part illustrates «dramatic love», «sacrificial love» and «tragic love».

  • If love is the powerhouse of passion, generating intense moments of joy, extreme happiness and harmony, it can also sometimes sow the seeds of sorrow. But, honestly, isn’t it worth it ? The third musical part talks of «passionate love» ….

  • Then the performance ends with a light musical touch. Yes, love can also be frivolous, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make us happy ! It can also allow us to enjoy ourselves, to lessen the weight and monotony of our daily lives. This fourth part portrays the lightness that love can sometimes bring.