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2013 – “The Waltz of Flowers” show

Organization of a unique visual and musical event: the rencontre of two painters from very different worlds, for an original, sensitive and marvelous real-time, four-handed production based on the theme of flowers. Jean-François Gaulthier is a French painter, an artist using light and the coloured evanescence of petals, who enigmatically transforms the female form.

JF Gauthier website

Chang Jiahuang is a Chinese painter, heir to a long Oriental tradition where «to be able to paint, you must have read 1,000 books and travelled to 1,000 places !».

Chang Jiahuang website

The coming together of these two worlds, of these two opposing and yet complementary styles, produces a wondrously poetic artwork. A true hymn to Nature, a transcription of emotions into a flowery symphony borne by the “Waltz of Flowers” and played by a duo of equally talented musicians: Manfred Stilz (cello) and Cécile Bonhomme (harp).

Biot, France.