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2013 – The Silk Road musical performance

A new production of the original show that marked 50 years of Franco-Chinese friendship, with a more contemporary twist to the 2011 version, to allow the public to really appreciate this fabulous page in the history of Chinese art, through video-projections, dance, song, music and painting.

Organized as part of the “c’est pas classique” events, this lyrical and visually rich show is an exceptional journey, a magical encounter between the Art of East and West, between two cultures, two styles of music and painting and two great countries, France and China.

Divided into four tableaux, this live performance recounts the incredible life of Chang Shuhong, the guardian of Dunhuang. As such, it is a celebration of a passion for Art and Man’s will to live in a better world in a truly exceptional way, with the collaboration of three artists who reveal a new, multuple art form: music, voice and emerging colours on canvas. It is not just a simple painting but a demonstration of Chang Jiahuang’s affection for his father, Chang Shuhong.

Théâtre Acropolis, Nice, France.

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