am passionate about Art, a writer and a mosaic artist. Mathematician, futurist, former university professor, I have always been driven and inspired throughout my entire career by innovation, creativity and the study of cultural diversity.

The combination of my PhD in Innovation, my experience at the Institute for the Future in California ( and my passion for mosaics, allowed me to be carried quite naturally by the flow of the current digital and IA Art revolution.

I now have the pleasure of working independently and worldwide, in a field that has always fascinated me – Art in all its wonderful forms: I design and organize multimedia shows and multicultural events.

My love of Art is first and foremost a story of encounters with artists, enthusiasts and collectors.  Works of art speak to me, they recount stories about their creators, their doubts, their moments of joy, of sadness, … Beautiful stories are intricately woven into each work of art… I would like to tell and share them.

Currently President of the Association ArtAmis, and of Vidia Art, I wish to encourage and facilitate these encounters.

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