2019 – “The Melano Mosaicists”

A true work of memory, this documentary retraces the creative adventure of Heidi and Lino, from their arrival in Biot. Interviews, testimonies and archive photos have allowed the reconstruction of the extraordinary artistic atmosphere of the 50’s in the village (youtube link)

2017 – Workshop “Calligraphy and Chinese painting”

Ms. Deanna Gao, a renowned Chinese artist, spoke at length about calligraphy as an art form, opening up the secrets of the finesse of the strokes and the link between Western art and Chinese painting.

2016 – Lecture-meeting by Qiu Shengxian.

The Chinese artist, famous all over the world for his sculpture “Mother and Child”, has managed to integrate classical oriental art with modern concepts and has become one of the main characteristics of Chinese contemporary art.
Exhibition of her works and interview at Espace Verdet

Saint-Paul de Vence, France (website link)

2014 – Poetry evening with Fariba Hachtroudi

Organisation of a “poetic” evening at the village auditorium with the participation of the Franco-Iranian journalist and author Fariba Hachtroudi who recited poems from her collection “Abysses”.

Saint-Paul de Vence, France.