2015 – Imagination and creativity

Jorg Immendorff and Heidi Melano put together. What links the German painter with multiple sclerosis and the great mosaic artist of the 20th century ? Two different creative paths, two masterful interpretations of creative emotion. With the participation of Pierre Lemarquis, neurologist and Olivier Kaeppelin, exhibition curator and art critic.

Fondation maeght

Jorg Immendorff, who suffered from Charcot’s disease, could physically no longer paint and so experimented, with the help of assistants, with creating paintings by giving them instructions (« mental projection »).

Heidi Melano transformed the sketches and models of other artists into gigantic mosaics.

This begs the question, how did these artists manage to convey their emotions and the essence of their creativity ? One artist executing another’s work will definitely also engage his or her own creativity, if only through the choice of materials and colours and, in the case of a mosaic, through his or her own particular technique in producing the work.

Imagination, the cradle of talent, recycles what is stored in the memory, sometimes without even realizing it. All creation will therefore be a « re-creation », in the manner of the artist, shaped by his or her own experiences. Memory and imagination are therefore at the very heart of the creative process.

The magnificent mosaics by Chagall, Léger, Braque and Folon, brought to life by Heidi Melano, and the later works by Jorg Immendorff are the culmination of all those who participated in the creative process of these extraordinary works.

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